TECHNIQUES for growing microgreens TECHNIQUES for growing microgreens ARRAY of 16 types of MICROGREENS in repurposed fruit containers 185366610 CONTAINERS for repurposing Pint & Half-Pint containers ready for repurposing for growing microgreens 185366611 TRAY of 6 repurposed pint-size RECTANGULAR containers depicted are TURNIP microgreens; 7 days since sowing 185366612 TRAY of 6 repurposed half-pint-size ROUND containers back row: MUSTARD, LETTUCE, MUSTARD; front row: ESCAROLE, SPREEN, ENDIVE 185366613 ENDIVE microgreens, 8 days since sown 185366614 EAST meets WEST; Cabbage & Chinese Cabbage 10 days & 7 days since sown 185366615 6 containers on tray; BASIL microgreens 6 days since sown 185366616 BOTTOM WATERING technique 3 containers of TURNIP microgreens, 7 days since sown 185366617 KALE in a Pail - demonstrates bottom watering Red Russian KALE; 7 days since sown 185366618 TRAY method showing BEFORE & AFTER harvest in patches Chinese Cabbage; 8 days since sown 185366619 SEEDLING TRAY dismantled to show components with 1 repurposed container for scale 185366620 SEEDLING TRAY with 1 repurposed container for scale each with a different cultivar of TURNIP 185366621 BASIL Microgreens, sequence of days 1 to 6 185366622 BROCCOLI Microgreens, sequence of days 1 to 6 185366623 Effects of differing TEMPERATURES & Lengths of DAYS 185366624 WINDOW SHELVING with an array of microgreens 1 to 3 weeks since sown 185366625 MICROGREEN GARDEN by Mark Mathew Braunstein published 2013 by Healthy Living Publications (aka The Book Publishing Company) 185366626