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about how to grow microgreens at home


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Growing Microgreens at Home

Microgreens, the seedling stages of greens such as broccoli and basil and sunflowers, are moving from restaurant menus and into home kitchens. New to whole foods cuisine, if microgreens are new to you, you will learn how to move them into YOUR kitchen. 

2 hour Workshops demonstrate 3 techniques for indoor gardening, discussing seeds, soil, water and light. Essentials are demonstrated for 90 minutes, then 30 minutes are devoted to sampling 20 varieties to awaken your palate and inspire your gardening. (Additional time is available for further discussion for those who wish to stay, and most people do.) You will go home with sample seeds and a pint start-up kit.

1 hour Demonstrations are simpler and shorter, demonstrating only 1 technique for 40 minutes, then 20 minutes devoted to sampling more than 15 varieties.


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Other recent Microgreens workshops include:

¤ 1 hour workshop at the Northern CT Vegetarian Society, April 2015 in Suffield

2 hour workshop at my home, sponsored by the Viva Vegan Society, June 2013

¤ 1 hour workshop at the Vegetarian Society of Eastern Connecticut, May 2013 in Colchester

¤ 1 hour food demo at the First (and last!) Annual Connecticut Vegetarian and Healthy Living Festival, April 2012 at the Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford

¤ 2 hour workshop at my home, sponsored by the Connecticut College Arboretum, Fall 2011

¤ 1 hour food demo at the North American Vegetarian Society’s Vegetarian Summerfest 2011

¤ 2 hour workshop at my home, sponsored by the Connecticut College Arboretum, Spring 2011

For an unsolicited review of above Arbo Fall 2011 workshop from an attendee who I do not know, see:



Mark Mathew Braunstein has been a vegetarian since 1966, a vegan since 1970, and a high raw vegan since 1977.

Since 1980, he has written frequently and spoken widely about sprouting, animal rights, wildlife conservation, and vegan vegetarianism. Long before even vegetarians knew the word or its tenets, he wrote the first book of our generation espousing veganism, Radical Vegetarianism


His articles about growing sprouts and microgreens have appeared in Vegetarian Times, Natural Health, Vegetarian Voice, and Healing Our World, and he is the author also of Sprout Gardenwww.markbraunstein.org/sprout-garden

His vegan vegetarianism activism now is focused primarily on offering workshops about how to grow microgreens, this upon the publication of his third book, Microgreen Garden.


For his writer bibliography and speaker listings, see: